About Us

“Ha  Ame  Gujarati”  is  not  only  the  advertising     media     but     also     the     Encyclopedia     of  Good  thoughts,  Health   tips,   Entertainment,  News,  Travel - Tourism   and  all  information about not only for Gujarat but also from all over the World. Visitors get fully update materials in their taste of content. From mobile application you get different Notifications Alerts of Quote, Health Tips, and News from Morning to night.

“More you update, more you win the Market” with the aim of this quote we believe in stay one step ahead from others.

“Ha Ame Gujarati” is  not only a social media platform, but also the effort to build up Gujarati community in world. Since 2011 “Ha Ame Gujarati” is trying to create one media, which can show the awareness of Gujarati People in this economic world. As per requirement of now “Ha Ame Gujarati” is available in social, Mobile and Internet media.